The beaches of Siesta Key are prime nesting habitats for sea turtles and the season goes from May 1 through October 31. You can help the hatchlings make their way to the ocean by doing a few things that will just take an extra minute or two of your time when hitting the beach.

Help Sea Turtles with These Simple Steps

  • Fill in any holes you may have made on the beach.
  • Knock down any sandcastles that may block a sea turtle hatchlings path to the ocean.
  • Take any litter with you and dispose of properly as hatchlings can get caught up or snagged in any trash including plastic, fishing lines, etc.
  • Avoid flashlights at night as the light disorients turtles and hatchlings and may lead them in the wrong direction.

Remember, the only chance a hatchling has to survive is to make it to the ocean.

With any luck you might visit when turtles are hatching and see them firsthand begin their journey of life!