The soft white sand of Siesta Key offers something that most beach don’t – it stays pretty cool to the feet and does not heat up like a parking lot! That’s because the sand structure is 99% quartz and it has earned numerous accolades including the “whitest and finest sand” in the world from the Great International Sand Challenge and The Best Sand Beach in America by the Travel Channel. As a result, Siesta Key Beach is a great place for all kinds of activities in the sand including beach volleyball.

Siesta Key Beach Volleyball Tournaments

  • Fiesta on Siesta Key Collegiate Beach Volleyball – This annual tournament features collegiate volleyball and has teams from over 30 colleges from multiple states converging on the sand for three days. The 2016 Fiesta on Siesta Key takes place April 8th through April 10th.
  • Dig the Beach Volleyball Series – Held each spring and summer this tournament features professionals, amateurs and has a great Junior’s Volleyball Program.
  • East End Volleyball has major tournaments across the East Coast and their Reflekt Polarized Big Shot Volleyball Tournament will take place on October 17th & 18th in 2015. There is a spring event as well. This event started as a demonstration of beach volleyball in Central Park in Manhattan of all places – seventy tons of sand was used and placed in a parking lot for the demo!

Year Round Play

In addition to the great tournaments mentioned above, the volleyball courts are open for visitors and locals to use all year round. It is often possible to just go down to the beach and join a pickup game of volleyball any time of the day. There is always something for beginners and it is a great place and sport to just have fun and or for the die hard volleyball players it is pretty easy to join in as well with some advanced players. There are also volleyball camps on the beach at certain times of the year that are great for all levels looking to improve their game. In addition to volleyball courts on Siesta Key Public Beach, Turtle Beach to the south also on siesta Key has volleyball courts. Come out and play!